Mission and Vision

Our mission is to

make health and oral health treatments with contemporary high-level science and education practices, by considering ethical values, to protect, to improve and to improve public health. The aim of this course is to educate physicians who create the infrastructure where scientific researches will gain speed with the environments where the patients and employees can express their satisfaction, ideas and opinions and meet the expectations of the patients and make the contributions of the researchers to the highest level.

To become one of the institutions offering the best oral and dental health services in the region and in the country by keeping the public health in the forefront, to improve the public health by raising the awareness of the society in the field of oral and dental health and to ensure its continuity. To cooperate with other institutions such as faculties, institutes, colleges, practice and research centers operating in the field of medical services and related health services in order to provide scientific education, research and application opportunities, to operate in accordance with the principles of modern hospital management In the context of these values;
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